The RLL (Reflective Light Locator) installed at each edge light provides daytime and nighttime visual marking. During daylight, the tall banded locator helps ground equipment operators avoid hitting the lights. At twilight and at night, the retro-reflective bands light up in the headlights of vehicles and aircraft. During snow plowing operations, plow operators can locate the lights to avoid hitting them and maintenance personnel can find them to clear them. The RLL is a useful marker for a variety of objects which may be color-coded to aid identification.

  • Flexible fiberglass rod
  • Colored retro-reflective bands on white background
  • No damage from jet blast
  • Optional Spring Mounting provides greatly increased resistance to impact damage
  • Threaded stud with hex head for ease of installation. Standard 3/8-16 studthreads. Metric studs available upon request.
  • Mounts on base plate by replacing on of the bolts.
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Optional kit for installing on stake mounted light. Stake kit extends rod out from light mounting stake 8" (Center to Center)
  • Optional Bulk pack discount.
Ordering Information
Installation Options
Application Notes
  • To mount the RLL on a stake mounted light, order kit 10037-552. Available in Bulk Pack (-B).
  • Any RLL with or without the spring is suitable for base or stake mounted lights.