Mini-Flag™ Visibility Enhancer

The exclusive RoDon Corporation "Mini-Flag" was intially designed to be incorporated on the RoDon Hydrafinder™ Fire Hydrant Marker (Fire Hydrant Locator) as an accessory to provide increased and enhanced visual location of the fire hydrant unit for Fire Responders in emergency and severe weather situations.

Due to a special request from RoDon Corporation distributors with major customers in fire department and municipal waterworks industries, the RoDon "Mini-Flag" may now also be customized with a specified color coding system to indicate critical individual hydrant flow rate (GPM). A sequential numbering system may be added for hydrant location and maintenance information for use by fire departments and waterworkds personnel. the "Mini-Flag" is additionally available in a customized logo format to reflect specific boundary lines between communities utilizing recognized city/state and or university loyalty logos and colors. RoDon "Mini-Flags" may also be formatted to indicate U.S. military identification or affiliation.

  • Standard colored "Mini-Flag" (Available in Red, Green, Orange, Blue and Yellow.

  • RoDon Mini-Flag
    May be customized with color-coded alphanumerics decal

  • Sequentially number "Mini-Flag"

  • RoDon Mini-Flag
  • GPM "Mini-Flag"

  • RoDon Mini-Flag
  • Customized decal "Mini-Flag"

  • RoDon Mini-Flag
RoDon Mini-Flag