Hydra-Shield Hydrant Locks
Custodian® Hydrant Lock

The unique Custodian® Hydrant Lock is custom-made to fit your particular hydrant. It attaches easily - directly on the operating nut - without any disassembly. The free-spinning, armored housing completely protects the hydrant's operating nut, and only authorized personnel with the specially-designed magnetic key wrench can lift the activator lock to open the hydrant. (Ordinary magnetic devices have no effect on activation.)

Only Hydra-Shield's patented key wrench system and 316 stainless steel construction provide true theft-proof security. Ordinary "protective collars" or "mechanical devices" CAN NOT dissuade a determined vandal. Custodian® stainless steel construction does not rust and will not surrender to sledge-hammers, hacksaws, blow-torches or ingenious home-made tools.

Ask about our Custodian® warranty, the most comprehensive warranty in the industry.

Note: Customer must present a letter from Water Works Department with authorization of further discussion of wrench
Custodian Fire Hydrant Lock

Custodian Fire Hydrant Lock

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Heavy Duty Custodian®

The Heavy Duty Custodian® is the ultimate in hydrant operating nut protection. Built as the regular Custodian® but in an oversize configuration with thicker walls and a more powerful magnet for applications where the need for protection is more demanding.
Heavy Duty Custodian Fire Hydrant Lock
Hydra-Dome Lock

"Protecting America's Water"
  • All NEW security design

  • Easy installation

  • Fits most hydrants

  • After installation the Dome Lock will free-spin

  • Can't be accessed or defeated with normal tools

  • Allows Fire Department to use their standard wrench when operating the hydrant

  • Requires special security tool to remove the lock

  • Utilizes a Plug Lock type locking system

These unique PLUG LOCKS are constructed of stainless steel to prevent against rusting and corrosion. Using the special wrench, simply thread in the PLUG LOCK until it recesses. This eliminates any protruding surface to attack. The bore of the plug is of a special shape so that the PLUG LOCK can only be removed with the wrench.Lock uses a regular "T" key wrench to remove the lock.

For security's sake remember...PLUG LOCKS, not padlocks.


Outside Lock Body is made up of Cast Iron. The Dome Lock finish is Corrosion Resistant and is also Power Coated/ Galvanized.
  • Inner Lock Body is a Hydrant Grade Brass.
  • Lock Mechanism is 316" Stainless steel
  • Key/wrench material is 316" stainless steel
  • Attachment Bolt is Grade 8