Fire Hydrant Caps
Hydra Shield® Security Cap

Stop vandals and water thieves cold with the remarkable Hydra-Shield Security Cap... the ONLY hydrant cap that vandals and thieves can't remove or destroy.
The Hydra-Shield Security Cap is forged from high strength alloy steel, machined, and then heated and quenched to a 58-62 Rockwell "C" hardness.
  • No chisel can crack it.
  • No hacksaw can cut it.
  • No drill can penetrate it.
And because there are no opposing faces...
  • No ordinary wrench can grip it.
Hydra Shield Fire Hydrant Caps
Hydra Shield® Spray Cap

Even if a water thief uses a large pipe wrench, strap wrench or band wrench, only the slip ring will turn.

The omly way to remove the Hydra-Shield Spray Cap is with the patented mating wrench. The same mating wrench fits all cap sizes and is available with a built-in socket for your individual hydrant nut.

This configuration incorporates a tamper-proof spring-loaded valve in the cap. When the hydrant is opened the water pressure forces the Hydra-Shield Spray Cap valve open allowing an ajustable flow of about 100 GPM. the flow sprays in a circular pattern creating a shower that will cool of the hottest city day. Kids will have their fun but at a rate much less that the normal 1500 GPM flow.

The same mating wrench fits all cap sizes and is available with a built-in socket for your individual hydrant nut.
Hydra Shield Spray Cap

Hydra Shield Spray Cap
Nylon Hydrant Caps

Nylon Hydrant Caps are only 25% the weight of cast iron caps, yet they withstand normal hydrant operating pressure and resist permanant deformation under stress. Standard stocked cap sizes with NST threads are made for 2.5", 4" and 4.5" hydrant outlets.

Hydra-Shield Nylon Hydrant Caps offer several advantages.
  • Permanent Color Coding - permanent color pigments are added to the plastic resin. this eliminates the need for painting maintenance. A choice of colors provides an economical way to color code for hydrant flow or special identification.
  • No Maintenance - the nylon caps are impact resistant, cannot rust, and never require thread lubrication. And, they are very resistant to the effects of ultraviolet (UV) exposure.
  • Lower Cost - Nylon replacement caps generally cost less than metal counterparts, and as the scrap value is minimal, the threat of theft is also minimal.
  • Optional Enhancements - These remarkable caps can be enhanced with the addition of adhesive reflective trim for improved night time visibility.
Caps are also available with a perimeter groove for attaching a cable or chain loop.

Caps may be ordered with alternate thread and operating nut configuration.
Nylon Fire Hydrant Caps

Hydra-Snap Cap

Protect your Storz connections with Hydra-Snap Cap. These lightweight, inexpensive, highly-visible plastic caps keep mud, road grime, ice and snow off the Storz lugs.
Hydra-Snap Cap