NY Fire Bollard
Crash Rated Removeable "NY Fire Bollard"

The SU-BX300 series are the only removeable bollards certified by the NY Fire Department (NYFD) to be installed in fire lane access roads.

This revolutionary bollard design is using Customized Custodian® Lock Mechanism to lock the removeable bollards in place. The NYFD crews are the only ones to have the ability to unlock and remove to bollard to gain easy access for the fire and rescue equipment.

The SU-BX300 Bollards are blended in with our SU-B800F Fixed Decorative Bollards to create a "Stand-Off" zone around buildings that are vulnerable to attack by aggressors:
  • Criminals
  • Vandals
  • Activists
  • Extremists
  • Protest Groups
  • Terrorists
Bollards are the solution of choice for protecting buildings and facilities in an urban setting. The Bollard System delivers excellent Anti-Terrorists Vehicle Intrusion Protection, while maintaining a comfortable and easy pedestrian access.

The SU-BX300 Bollards are built from 4 major components: a base unit embedded in concrete, a removeable bollard, an aluminum decorative sleeve and locking mechanism.

Crash Rating

Level 1 - Barrier fully operational after successfully stopping vehicle.

SU-BX310 - 10,000 pounds @ 30 mph   44.5 kN @ 48 kph

SU-BX320 - 15,000 pounds @ 30 mph   66.7 kN @ 48 kph

Height above road (from road surface to top of bollard): 32" (889 mm)
Decorative Sleeve Diameter: 10.22" (259 mm)