Color Coded Hydrant Flow Identifiers

RODON CORPORATION is pleased to announce the introduction of our new Color/Flow Coded Hydrant Flow Identifiers. RoDon offers an entire line of color coded hydrant flow identifiers, designed to let firefighters know immediately what the "available flow" is at the hydrant closest to the fire. Firefighters need to know as quickly as possible how much water is available from the closest hydrant, so they can rapidly select the appropriate hose capacity for the size and complexity of the fire, but not select lines which would exceed the capacity of the hydrant and thus be ineffective.

Standardized color coding based on NFPA guidelines can immediately convey this critical information to the engine companies, in order to streamline operations and reduce the level of fire hazard.

NFPA Standards call for color-coding of available flow at the hydrant, as follows:
Class C - Less than 500 GPM - Red
Class B - 500 - 999 GPM - Orange
Class A - 1000 - 1499 GPM - Green
Class AA - 1500 GPM and above - Blue

RoDon Corporation's HYDRAFINDER™ Fire Hydrant Marker and Miniflags can be color-coded to conform to exact NFPA standards, to meet municipal and firefighter hydrant flow requirements.


Please contact RODON CORPORATION for further information on the regarding pricing and availability at 1-800-858-5516.