RoDon Corp. has been the industry leader in developing high-visibility locating devices since its inception in 1985. RodDon Corp's HydraFinder™ Fire Hydrant Marker fire hydrant locator is the industry standard for locating fire hydrants buried by snow or obscured by vegetation in both daylight and at night. We offer a wide variety of high-visibility markers for home, commercial and municipal applications. Our Utility Pedestal Marker™ makes locating crucial telephone, utility and cable TV boxes. FenderFinder™ truck fender and trailer guides helps protect vehicles and property from damage caused by obstructed sight-lines. Reflective in-ground Driveway Markers can be used in a number of applications to protect your property by marking boundaries and hazards for vehicles, Snow Plow and mowing.

RoDon's line of locating devices are designed to offer immediate day and night visual location and 360° high-visibility. Each locating device is highly flexible and extremely durable. Detailed product specifications are available in our products section.

We also offer a number of fire hydrant security parts and fire hydrant accessories, highway and traffic safety products, a vast selection of heavy-duty and and industrial alkaline batteries as well as many other fine products.

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If you do not find the product you are interested in, please contact us, as our product line continues to expand. RoDon's Product Research and Development Team will assist in the design and engineering of products for specific applications.

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