System can also be installed on any type of industrial related vehicle equipment.

Proximity Alert Warning System is an audible/visual proximity warning system that detects personnel wearing safety transponders within a configurable 360° zone around any compact machine or fork lift truck.

How the Proximity Alert Warning System Works
Proximity Alert Warning System is based on proven radio frequency technology. The system produces a user configurable detection zone around any compact machine or fork lift truck between 9 feet* to 26 feet* which interacts with safety transponders worn by personnel. When a safety transponder is within the proximity of, or enters the detection zone of a Proximity Alert Warning System enabled machine, a visual and/or audible indication is provided to the machine operator. The machine operator is required to use a driver transponder that is placed in a holder on the control unit. Without the transponder placed in the holder the system will continue to operate; however, a constant tone will be emitted from the audio / visual alarm unit until the transponder is placed into the holder.

The Proximity Alert Warning System comprises a Control unit and antenna. Each installed system has its own unique identification code, as do each of the transponders used with the system.

The system's main control unit has a real time clock and built in memory for storing an audit trail of up to 7000 proximity detection events and system configuration settings. Event logs and system settings can be viewed for each control unit using the Proximity Alert Warning System software or Proximity Alert Warning APP.

Proximity Alert Warning System Manager software provides an easy to use interface for downloading, viewing, analyzing and exporting event data.

* Minimum and Maximum ranges may be affected by mounting locations and power supply ratings. Distances are taken from the center of the antenna.

The Proximity Alert Warning System is supplied as an audible and/or visual alert system only. It is not a protective device. It does not intiate or perform safety related functions and it does not provide control to reduce risk other than an audible/visual alert to the operator of the risk.