Ideal for use in conjunction with the Railroad Industry's Blue flag policy, to mark stationary cars during nighttime services/maintenance procedures.

- Railroad Bridges
- Railroad switch box pedestals
- Railroad locomotive and ajoining cars

  • Bolt-on or magnetic mount / Vertical or horizontal placement
  • 2.5" Air flow gap under light houseing prevents heat damage
  • 4.1 Candelas Illumination - flashes 60x per minute
  • Full 360° horizontial visibility up to 1.5 miles
  • Strobe automatically activates at dusk, off at dawn
  • 5 yr. battery life w/100,000 hr. LED lifetime expectancy
  • Waterproof / Weatherproof
  • Self-contained solid-state unit (no AC wiring required)
  • Operating temperature range -40° >180° F
  • Total height 6.5", Diameter 3", Weight 1.5#
  • Strobe light LED Color Available in red, green, blue, amber and white
railroad warning lights