A Vehicle Proof Glo-to-Go
Reusable FlexGlo™ is a highly visible, durable and cost effective marking post or traffic control device that is simple to install and remove. FlexGlo™ appears to make a fixed barrier, but since it is hinged. It can be run over by road vehicles without damage to post or car. FlexGlo™ can be used as a traffic barricade for the general public while allowing passage for official vehicles. If used as a marker in sporting events, the stake flexes away from contestants reducing the chance of personal injury. FlexGlo can be mowed over by any standard reel mower and it has multiple applications, such as:
  • Hazard Markers
  • Driveway Markers
  • Temporary Right-of-way Markers
  • Cross Country Motorcycle course Markers
  • Cross Country Skiing and Slalom Markers
  • Airport Taxi Strip Markers
  • Limited Access Traffic Barriers
The reflective top of our oval post reflects light a full 360° the top section is extruded of a color-fast, UV stabilized poly-carbonate re-grind that is highly resistant to solar damage. The post is then molded to a unique special polymer hinge. this assembly is mechanically fastened to a fluted anchor that is molded from a polymer that can take long-term exposure to adverse soil conditions. FlexGlo™ posts are not totally unbreakable, but properly installed, they can give many years of satisfactory service.

To reduce pollution, FlexGlo™ uses recycled plastics whenever that usage does not reduce product longevity. FlexGlo™ comes in 2', 3' and 4' lengths above ground. Post colors are red, yellow, green, blue and white with reflective tapes to match.

FlexStake EZ Drive™

General Specifications
EZ Drive™ is the only post on the market that can be tied in a knot and yet is so stiff it can withstand high wind loading. This price competitive, moderate impact marker is also easiest to install.

EZ Drive™ has been approved for highway use in some states for moderate and low impact locations such as off-ramps, curbing and barriers. the postis able to withstand up to 50 vehicular impacts at 45mph.

EZ Drive™ is particularly well suited for marking parks and recreational facilities, buried pipelines, conduits and cables. Installed to the proper depth. It is virtually impossible to pull out of the ground.

How To Install
  1. Using our EZ driver or any comparable device, drive a pilot hole 18" deep.
  2. Slip device clamp over the post end and set the assembly over the pre-drilled pilot hole, centering the device clamp over the hole.
  3. Drive the assembly into the hole until dirt line on the post reaches ground level.
  4. The post will come to vertical as it is driven. The drive clamp (bent into a V shape by the driver) is the anchor.
  5. Remove the driver by pulling it straight up. Tamp the dirt around the post for final alignment.
The post is an all-weather, color impregnated, UV stablized specially formulated polymer extrusion. Drive clamp is mild steel. With the exception of metal drive clamp, EZ post is 100% post-consumer recycled plastic.

Standard heights (above ground) are 3' and 4'. Width: 3.25". Standard post colors are environmental white, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, brown and gray. Other lengths and colors are available on special order.

Other Flexstake products Available:
  • Surface Mounted Highway Delineators
  • Cable & Pipe Line Delineators
  • General Traffic Delineators
  • Glare Screens
  • Construction Screens