THE NEW RODON HIGH-INTENSITY WIRELESS SOLAR POWERED STROBE LIGHT provides instant high-visibility in nighttime or low light situations for objects requiring location in critical applications. The completely self-contained wireless (no direct and/or external wiring) solar powered strobe light features 4 LED's (Light Emitting Diode) and is capable of flashing 60x's per minute and has a nighttime visibility range of over 1° miles. The water/weatherproof RODON strobe light is battery operated and will function reliably for 5 years before requiring battery replacement. An exclusive RODON two position stationary mount allows for easy installation on either a horizontal or side/vertical application. *The unit may also be permanently or temporarily installed on metal surfaces utilizing an optional 5" diameter magnetic disc mount rated at a substantial 250lb. pull test.

Additional RODON Wireless Solar Powered Strobe Light Features Include:
  • Powerful Operating Intensity at 4.1 Candelas
  • Full 360° Horizontal Visibility
  • Strobe Light Automatically Activates at Dusk and off at Dawn
  • 5 Year Battery Life with 100,000 Hour LED Lifetime Expectancy
  • Temperature Operating Range of -40° to 180° Fahrenheit
  • Unit Total Height 6.5" Diameter 3" Weight 1°lbs.
  • Strobe Light LED Color Availability in Red, Green, Blue, Amber, and White

Suggested Nighttime Applications for the High-Intensity Strobe Light:
  • Waterway Channel Markers and Marina Docks
  • Commercial Barges, Recreational Boats and Yachts
  • Railroad Bridge Marking
  • Railroad Switch Box Pedestals
  • Gas and Oil Pipeline Aerial Observation Markers
  • Electric Transmission Enclosures
  • Telecommunication towers
  • Barricade Lighting
  • Construction Crane Operations
  • Rural Road Sign Enhancement
  • Wind Energy Farm Towers